Goodbye to The Palace

The Bad Boys were a big part of my childhood. I remember collecting cards from the 76 gas station. I walked around in Adidas sneakers trying to mimic Joe Dumars. The Pure Pistons VHS was worn out from my ridiculous amount of viewings.

The greatest memory I have is my first live game. I grew up about 2 hours away from Detroit. The year after the Pistons had defeated the Blazers for their 2nd championship, my dad had made a deal with me. If I got As and Bs on my report card, we would trek to the Palace of Auburn Hills to watch my idols. I always got As and Bs, so I’m pretty sure my dad was planning on taking me anyways. Just to be sure, I got all As and came running down the hall holding my report card in the air when my dad came to pick me up.

It was such an amazing experience. Dumars and Isiah were leading the team in the backcourt. Rodman was chasing every loose ball. Buddha Edwards  was taking crazy turnaround jumpers. Laimbeer was fighting with Ewing and Oakley under the basket on every play.

When I see things on the Bad Boys, I get very nostalgic. The 30 for 30 was a nice walk down memory lane. Seeing Rich Mahorn on Detroiters was also fantastic! It feels weird to have The Joe and The Palace both gone in a week. Just the The Joe, The Palace will remain a metaphorical museum for my memories.

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