The “Human” side of A.I.

I am a sucker for A.I. TV shows and movies. It doesn’t matter if it is terrible or not, I can’t get enough. Every so often, gems arise out of the mediocrity. This happened with Ex Machina, a beautifully told indie movie. It has also happened with AMC’s Humans. I’m willing to give anything on AMC a try, but this show is definitely up my alley. The second season just ended a few weeks ago in the U.S. (it aired months ago in the UK) and I finally caught up and finished.

The show brings up a lot of the classic philosophical questions brought up by science fiction of this nature. However, what sets it apart is the focus on the humans more than the robots. Like Black Mirror, another brilliant show, it is more about how humans react and relate to technology than the technology itself.

Humans does a good job of also exploring the social dynamics of conscious beings having to interact with “the other.” It features this phenomenon from both the robot side and human side. The viewer is able to see how quickly someone’s view of a whole group can be framed by his or her (or its?) interactions with individuals of that group.

Humans delivers what top tier sci-fi should. It shows a glimpse into a fictional future while examining the issues of our present.

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