The Walking Dead Season 7: A Reflection


As I reflect on Season 7 of The Walking Dead, I must first say that I am a complete fanboy. I have read the comic and will give the show the benefit of the doubt when others won’t. I think a lot of the negativity towards the show this season has come from expectations that were too high and an angry hangover from last season’s controversial season finale. I will admit that I would not have gone the route of the cliffhanger last season, but I wasn’t enraged like some people.

There has been a lot of complaining about how slow The Walking Dead has been. Part of the appeal of the show to me is the slow burn nature. I like the variety of going off and exploring a character for an episode or flipping back and forth between groups. If people want an all action zombie experience, then this is not the show for them. The writers/showrunners have always had to do a balancing act. There is the need to not blow iconic parts of the comic, while at the same time keeping suspense for comic fans. There is the problem of not everything in the comics translating well to the screen. Finally, there is the obstacle of keeping the show a character driven drama set within the horror genre instead of just another horror show. Well, enough soapbox throat clearing…

The overall season arc was decent and the performances were great as always. The season finale really delivered and I feel was true to the characters. I love when the show uses several different timelines to tell the story and keep the audience in suspense. Sasha’s story was told beautifully in a very heartbreaking way. When Sasha popped out of the casket as a walker, it showed her defiance and self sacrifice to the very end of her life. It was a great character study and fitting end to her story.

Even though I thought there was something random and odd about the garbage people, their double-cross still somehow caught me off guard. Taking what was supposed to finally be a triumphant moment for the group and instead making them vulnerable again was a great twist. Of the course the big payoff of this was Shiva! The tiger flying through the air to save Rick and Carl was awesome!

Overall, I still very much enjoyed this season and despite the flaws the show has, feel very fortunate to be a viewer. I can’t imagine anything like this ever being on TV back when I was a kid!

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