March Sadness

As I get ready for another weekend of March Madness, I am struck by the many ups and downs I experience every year during this time. Here’s a recap of what has gone through my head so far:

Wednesday March 15th

  • “I cannot wait until tomorrow! I’m feeling great about my bracket!”

Thursday March 16th

  • “C’mon Florida Gulf Coast!”
  • “Well, Florida Gulf Coast didn’t beat Florida State, but I went 15/16 in games today!”

Friday March 17th

  • “I picked Michigan, but I wish they would have lost this game because I have them losing to Louisville in the next round. And I hate them.”
  • “Seriously?! Seton Hall is losing off a flagrant 1! There goes my second loss on my bracket”
  • “Alright Middle Tennessee State! Picking you to make it to the Elite 8 is looking pretty good right now! Shock the world!”
  • “Really SMU? There goes a Sweet Sixteen pick!”
  • “Whoooooo! St. Patrick’s Day! More Guinness!”
  • “Well, the Spartans are going to lose. We’ve got a young team and Izzo will have them back on top next year.”
  • “25-4 run? Go Green!”
  • “I knew picking MSU to beat Kansas was a great idea! Sweet Sixteen baby!”
  • “South Carolina can’t be this good. Must be a fluke.”
  • “28/32 games picked correctly in round one! This will be my year!”

Saturday March 18th

  • “What happened to the luck of the Irish? Another Elite 8 teams gone!”
  • “I picked Nova, but I didn’t have them in the Final Four, so this is fantastic!”
  • “Middle Tennessee! You were the chosen one! You were to bring balance to the force! you were my brothers Blue Raiders and I loved you! many Elite 8 Teams have I lost?”
  • “If Arizona loses to St. Mary’s, I’m going to set my bracket on fire!”
  • “Thank God!”
  • “C’mon! Iowa State now! I feel like I’ve had more than 8 incorrect Elite 8 picks.”
  • “3/8 so far in the second round. It’s okay. I have all of my Final Four teams left and will do better tomorrow.”

Sunday March 19th

  • “I. Just. Lost. A. Final. Four. Team. Stupid Wolverines!”
  • “Help me Wichita State. You’re my only hope.”
  • “Holy cow! The Shockers are going to pull this off and get me back in the running!”
  • “John Calipari, I hate your smug face! Stupid Ashley Judd. Sorry. I don’t really have a problem with you Ashley Judd, I’m just angry at Kentucky.”
  • “Okay, forget my bracket for a moment. The Spartans are on. Time to take out Kansas.”
  • “These freshman are stepping up! I’ll take down 5 at the half.”
  • “Well that escalated quickly. The Spartans have hurt my heart and my bracket. At least I have the Rhode Island upset to look forward to and I still have Arizona, Duke, and UCLA in the Final Four.”
  • “How did you blow that Rhode Island?”
  • “Duke…what the…”

Now on Wednesday March 22nd, I sit here with nothing  but a busted bracket, hoping that If Arizona beats UCLA in the championship, I can still get enough points to win my pool. I highly doubt it, but I am too disheartened to do the math to know for sure. I still look forward to some great games tomorrow, but with the promise of a great bracket drifting away, the some of the luster of the weekend has gone with it.

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